The Amazing Batu Cave in Malaysia

Just shared this here so you could see the whole photo, not just the InstaSquare version. :-)  

You have to climb up a mountain and go deep inside a cave to find this shrine in Malaysia. The hole at the top of the cave lets light shoot in and gives it this very elevated, mystical feeling when you visit. If that's not enough stimulation for you, there's monkeys that live up on the top of the cliffs, and if you stay for awhile, the monkeys will climb down and visit. They'll also grab your stuff!

One monkey even unzipped my bag, I kid you not! 

It's hard to meditate and get your spiritual side on when Monkey's are grabbing your food and lens caps. I shared this photo, taken in oohhh probably 2012? because I mentioned it in my InstaStory today. I think I'll reprocess this soon... it doesn't really represent the style I like anymore.

This is a multiple exposure blended to capture the dynamic range -- some shots for the really dark areas and some for the bright areas. 

In my InstaStory, I mentioned that having a really good camera would help for a shot like this. These days, a Nikon D810 or Sony A7sII might be able to capture something like this in one shot. 

Still though, as I point out in my story - go watch if you're here today - its photoshop that allows you to process the photo and achieve a look like this. :-)

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