New Release: Torres Del Paine

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Earlier today I was in a meditative mood, and I wrote something kinda special. It's one part of the answer to the question "Why do I take photos?"

"When you spend all your time taking landscape photographs, you are truly dependent on nature. The weather dictates all. An amazing photo is unlikely to happen if mother nature doesn’t comply. For weather geeks, the conditions you’re looking for are somewhat predictable, but never certain. You learn to read the sky. You look and make educated guesses. You put yourself in the prime spot and wait. You’re prepared for that moment that is always singular, always unique. No two sunrises are ever the same. You hope for the best, and pray for serendipity. When Planet Earth is on your side, magic happens. Taking a good photograph begets joy & serenity in a meditative state. You become one with the universe, because the universe is on your side. Everything that was before this moment, had to be, or this moment would not be. The cosmos are telling you, once and for all, that your place is in this world, and here is your reward."

I'm glad I entered this reflective state for a few minutes, as I revealed something to myself in words that I've only known intuitively before. Right now I'm amped up on boba milk tea so there's no way I could have sat down to have thoughts like this. Grateful for the ups and down of my mental cycle today. The world is wonderful, isn't it? 

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