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COL @ the visual of you meditating while monkeys are coming at your stuff haha I love my mind, now was it worth a lens cap? I think so!!! :) Amazing shot to play with!

That was a great story, good to know what it has been that had you coming out of your shell. Love your attitude and perspective :)

Utterly breathtaking! I had been trying to explain to a friend that your images capture way more than a place couldn't find the words and then this mouth moment, writing what you did I kind of wonder by you being in that those open to it get to experience it somehow but still uniquely personal and unique through the pic?? haha the world is pretty wonderful 🙂

Straight from a fantasy dream

Thanks, timely advice for me, I was trying to decide if I should go Mac...I think I will listen and aim for alienware instead, I don't do dongles and dangles and battery life is important :) Cheers Tom

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