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V Vape Juice (Gourmet Blood Orange Flavor) remixes & exclusive production. Coast2Coast Coalition DJ.

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Thanks for posting this. The Force is strong with you. The real reason I found this site last week was because I missed the link to follow your youtube as the instastories vanish from the timeline. Problem solved lol +3 subs on the tube. Appreciate the work you are doing towards spreading some very key messages. I hope that others are soaking up the intell too.

Remastering past projects, yaaas I know that feel bruh... hahaaa!

I've been following your IG feed for a litttle while. By far the most inspiring feed on the internet. And in these moments that you capture, where reality looks animated and so beautifully unreal, I can see the shadow of the spoon bending the light in the image, that natural matrix glitch or the reward as you put it. Sati panting the sky for Neo. You've successfully executed the game genie codes for life as far as my opinion is concerned, and it would appear the universe agrees ^ ^

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