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Oh PS, this illustration is from a magazine in Japan that just did a story on me :) Kinda cool !!

You can't lose with either one!

When I went, there was no tourists... I think me and a friend's photo might have helped start that trend unfortunately :(

this photo, like almost all of mine, is heavily edited :)

I heard its epic there all the time!!

Glad you're going to do it Darryl!

that's a great story :)

glad to hear that Angelito!!

thanks Matthew- what do you think is the best spot to visit in Australia for natural beauty?

Sorry I don't think there is an app that does that! thanks!

haha those bugs have been fixed my friend!

Oops you have a standing invitation!!

I went in their Fall - April :)

thanks Genna :)

I never had, but recently I stated to think about it!

Yes, I get it. I just don't share a lot for that reason :)

Seasoned.. I like that Mercy :)

Thanks Stefan :)

Haha :) I'll tell you about it soon :)

thank you! i've seen that! haha

haha definitely worth it

lol :) I love animals, so I'm buying it :)

hah thx Angelito :) Intriguing - do you use paypal? Or never order anything online ?

I'm kinda surprised and please to see how much this has been shared -- 40 times on FB. All the comments were left on the individual Facebook posts. At least I know I'm doing some good with this post :) haha

Thanks David!!

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